The staff represents a skill set that includes specialties in North American Archaeology, Paleobotany, Geomorphology, and Architectural History.

Dr. Kevin P. McGowan (Ph.D. University of Illinois 1990) is the Program Director. With over 30 years of experience in eastern North American archaeology, Dr. McGowan has directed a wide variety of archaeological projects in the Midwest including Phase I surveys, Phase II evaluation and Phase III mitigation projects, and architectural assessments. The projects have included both prehistoric and historic archaeological sites, and Architectural Surveys. His research interests include the archaeology of the Midwest and Eastern United States. email:

Gregory R. Walz (M.A. Western Michigan University 1991) is a Program Archaeologist. He has more than 20 years of experience in eastern North American archaeology and has directed a number of survey and excavation projects. In addition, he serves as paleobotanical analyst for the program and has conducted a number of botanical analyses from sites throughout eastern North America. His research interests include eastern North America, paleobotany, agricultural systems, and subsistence/settlement systems. email:

Patrick Green (M.A., University of Kansas 2012) is a Public Service Specialist. He has conducted archaeological and soil geomorphological research throughout the Midwest since 2007. He serves as the program’s GIS specialist and field coordinator.  His research interests include archaeological site predictive modeling using GIS and North American prehistoric archaeology, primarily Pre-Clovis and Paleoindian. email:

Marcy Prchal (MPhil University of Glasgow, 2003) is the program’s Architectural Historian. She has worked in the Midwest and Europe doing architectural and archaeological survey and evaluation. Her research interests include eighteenth and nineteenth century North American architecture and urban development. email:

Christopher Flynn (B.A. New School for Social Research, 1988), Staff Archivist, has conducted archival and historical research and field work for the program’s archaeological and architectural projects since 2000. His research interests include religion and ethnicity in Midwestern settlement patterns, and early twentieth century American architectural movements. email:

Alice Berkson (M.A. Illinois State University 1992), Staff Historian, has worked in Illinois archaeology for more than 35 years on both prehistoric and historic period research. Her interests include post-contact Native American archaeology and public archaeology, including long-time involvement with the avocational organization Illinois Association for Advancement of Archaeology and the new Illinois Master Naturalist program. email:

Cynthia Balek (Ph.D., Geography, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1995), Project Geomorphologist, manages and conducts geomorphological research, providing interpretation of paleoenvironments, and using soil geomorphology to assess suitability for prehistoric sites in buried deposits. email:

Susan Brannock-Gaul (B.A. University of Illinois 1991) is the program’s Graphics Coordinator. With degrees in Visual Arts and Anthropology, she has created figures for archaeological reports since 1991. Her work with the program includes artifact illustration, photography, scanning, the creation of topographic maps from digital files, and producing illustrations with a variety of design, drawing, and photographic software. email: