Proper compliance with Federal, State, and Municipal regulations (throughout the Midwest).
archaeo-4up imagesArchaeological Background – Historical Context (Context Statement and Cultural Histories) –  Research to determine if there are previously recorded sites or surveys, and the existing knowledge of a project area.

Archaeological Survey  –  
Field survey to identify cultural resources.

Archaeological Testing – National Register of Historic Places evaluations for determinations of eligibility.

Archaeological Data Recovery – Full scale mitigation & data recovery excavations of archaeological sites.

Monitoring of activities in and around culturally sensitive historic and prehistoric areas.

Geomorphology – use of soil coring and deep test trenching to identify sites in buried deposits.





archaeo-2up imagesTotal Station – Topographic and site mapping using laser total station.

GIS – we use ArGIS software to produce site maps and export to a number of graphic and geographic formats.

 GPS – Trimble hand held sub-meter GPS receivers.